Gifts for Mom

My Mom is the easiest person to buy gifts for. I like whatever she likes and I guess because she was there when I was growing up, I get and understand her style. Also, she likes my stuff. Even if we live miles from each other, we still manage to borrow each other's scarves. LOL

Scarves - I just said it, my mom likes scarves but who doesn't? They're comfy, you can hide your hands in them, you can wrap it around your head (and look silly) to warm up your ears, you can wrap it around you and of course, keep your neck and chest warm. My mom found that Macy's has a great selection. 

Coats - There are tons on the internet that you can find. It is best to pick ones made with wool or has thinsulate to make sure that the coat keeps her warm. Or at least be able to try them on so you know if the weight and the thickness of the coat is prefect for her. I'm a little picky about my coats that's why I only pick ones that are in my mom's closet. NOT KIDDING. I already have two and I plan on stealing acquiring more from my dear mother. If I could though, I would give my mom all the Olivia Pope coats I could find in the world...and then "borrow" them afterwards. LOL The ones above are from H&M.

Watches - I browsed Nordstrom for their best sellers and what I found were pretty much what I expected to see. Lots and lots of Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors. Make sure to pick one that's perfect for you mom, some moms like thicker watches with bigger dials and others, smaller dials and thinner chains. Does she like leather straps? Does she prefer to wear gold over silver? It can be a little intimidating but I'm sure you know your mom's style. :)

Jewelry - I think every girl needs a pair of diamond studs. Maybe that will be in my list next year. But seriously, I've been seeing diamond studs with screw backs everywhere I browse so if you have the money, get it for yo mama. Amazon has great deals for them and if you're a Prime member, lucky you, you can get them in 2 days after ordering.

Purses - Have you guys heard of It's one of the best sites I found for purses. They also sell them at a discount and also sometimes have discount codes - best one I received in my email is a code for an additional 50% off. I think that was on Black Friday.


  1. Those beautiful presents will surely make moms feel truly loved, primarily taking their personal style and fashion taste into consideration. Lucky mom you got there, kiddo!

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