Thanksgiving and Shopping

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Yes, I am aware that Thanksgiving was almost a week ago but I want to so here goes.

Thanksgiving was so much fun. So much fun that we forgot to take pictures of the family. Instead of having turkey, we grilled squid, fish and steak. I also cooked some Filipino sides that everyone loved. Haha! By the way, I am calling rice noodles and rice sides just because Thanksgiving is an American holiday. ;) After dinner, we watched Pitch Perfect because it is a funny movie that has a character who ate her twin in the womb. LOL

We went Black Friday Thanksgiving night shopping and it felt a little weird. Ron and I are used to the packed stores and seeing lines at the door. It was a different story this year. The stores opened really early and going to Target and Best Buy was like going there on a weekend minus the deals.

At Best Buy, Ron saw that Windows' tablet, Surface RT was on sale and decided to get it. for me because I'm that one person who doesn't own a tablet in his life. Haha! Also, he knows that although I know a lot about Mac products, I am a Windows girl at heart. I usually turn down his offer to get me a tablet but when he said that it can run Microsoft Office programs, I was in. So I now own a tablet. Yay!

I would love to share my hauls but a huge part of them are gifts so I need to keep mum about it ;) I'll probably share the other stuff I got in another post though.

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  1. Hi Jan, gr8 to hear that you had an awesome thanksgiving. The food looks delicious! And congratulations on the tab!!