Bye, Bye, Mustache and Beard


On December 1st, Ron finally got rid of his facial hair. Contrary to everyone's reaction when seeing him, I really loved his scruffy look. It's actually one of the things I liked about him when we started doing our thing. We documented this day so we can see how different he looks with and without all the hair...and also keep the hairy memory forever.

Shaved or not, I love him either way.

Christmas is in 20 days. :)


  1. haha... I always love before and after pictures. He definitely does look good with clean shave as well!

  2. When my husband and I first started dating, he never had any facial hair. The past year or so, he started growing a short beard and moustache...and I love it! I prefer him with the facial hair than without. Now when he shaves it all off he looks like a little baby face to me! ha ha