A Lovely Weekend

Running Springs is such a pretty place. I really have a thing for living in the mountains, hell I chose to study college a mountainous region back in the Philippines! There was no snow though. As in ZERO. So we stayed in the cabin for the most part and just relaxed and ate. I think I got the most sleep (as usual). Also, we went to Lake Arrowhead on Saturday afternoon but I'll share pictures from there next time. :)

Photo dump starts now:
This cutie and I were super friends this weekend. And that made Fox a lot jealous.
Fox made a bigger mess than the kids. Oh jeez.
Oh hello.
From where I was standing.
Laughing faces. Fox was smiling too. ;)
Cardinal red on distressed red. Tieks.
This house was good to us.


  1. Everything looks so pretty. I bet staying at the house was very relaxing.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  2. I love your Tieks!! I've been wanting a pair for so long...are they as comfy as they look? Also, great--I'm glad you're interested in the Weekly Wrap Up link up. Rachael and I were looking for one & couldn't find one, so that's why we decided to start one ourselves.

    Améliorer la Vie