Down by the Lake

After spending so much time in the cabin, the parents decided to take [us] kids to Lake Arrowhead. The kids had a deal with one of the adults that if little J finished his food, everyone will get ice cream. That was some good motivation and they all got a treat! The kids also had a great time walking [and sometimes running] on the dock while feeding the ducks and the geese. It was a happy day.

Simple joys.
Lone duck.
Lake Arrowhead.
Sup dad? Sup dog?
It was a beautiful afternoon.
Fox is floating. And that's me pretending I'm not scared to fall into the water.
Sweater and bag: Forever21. Pants: H&M. Scarf: Cotton On. Boots: Urban Outfitters.
Our colors match!
PS, Fox got his legs back and this is the only smiling photo in this bunch.
Teasing the goose.
I am more concerned about him losing his balance. The docks were too narrow for my own comfort. LOL
Losing the sun.
Bye, bye.


  1. Hi Jan, your photos are so beautiful! Thanks for the lovely comment you left on my blog! I will definitely check out Groupon for their online photography classes xxx

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  2. lovely blog :)

  3. sounds like a really lovely time! xx

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  4. Lake Arrowhead looks amazing. We have a cabin up in Lake Gregory and always visit Lake Arrowhead since it's just 10 minutes away. These photos make me miss the wonderful times we always have there. =) Thanks for sharing!

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  5. lovely photos!
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  6. It's adorable that you and Fox are kind of matching. That dog cracks me up. Those are some beautiful photos, you look gorgeous!