Glorious Lighting = Glorious Pictures

Being unemployed has its joys. It means you are all caught up with laundry all the time and you have enough time to make dinner for your husband. It also means you have loads of time to do things you are not able to do while you're at work like savor the beautiful natural light in your bedroom and take beautiful pictures of your little creature.

It's not easy making this dog smile. But let me assure you, he's one happy little guy. I suppose he's just not the type that sticks his tongue out all the time, he only does that when he's panting. Nonetheless, he's still our little ray of sunshine.

This picture was taken by Ron. :)

PS, I made Fox his own Instagram account because he's been taking over mine. Come follow him at and we promise to make you smile at least once a day with Fox's cuteness. <3


  1. that's what I love about Fridays too..loads of time to do a whole lot of things. And what a lovely dog you have there! =)

  2. OMG I love your dog. We've had papillons in our family too - great dogs! Love your blog too - just found you from the Liebster Award.