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Ron and I have been in a Topshop and Topman craze for the past few weeks. I have been finding myself and him looking through their site, especially their sale items. Although he could not pick any item he likes from Topman, I am able to find some for them and just ask him if he wants them when he gets home. If you didn't know yet, both brands are having a 30% off sale items promotion plus use code: 6088512061237406. I found that code online and have been using it for additional 10% discount (currently 20% off at Topman).

Black Trousers: $45 $10 $9
Bikini Top (similar): $26 $6 $5.40
Bikini Bottom: $16 $4 $3.60
Meggings (similar): $36 $10 $8
Chino Pants (similar): $52 $15 $12

Topshop Goods:
Black pants. Because I need black pants. Like, REALLY need them. The only black trouser I own are way too tight right now. Hahaha! I've worn this pair for an interview already and hopefully in many more to come or maybe that's the last interview I'm going to wear it at...if you know what I mean. :)

A bikini top and a bottom. You're probably thinking, "It's winter, why would you need those," right? Well, try living in California and you'll know why. LOL We have been having summer weather here since the week of Christmas. It's not so fun for me. I don't like hot weather as much as I should.

I also bought a bag with this order. I got it so I have something to use when I start to go back to school. I can use it casually too because the size is perfect for my stuff and the extra stuff I bring for Fox (you know, pet wipes, poop bags, treats, food, etc). I can also stick a light cardigan in there in case the weather acts weird...like it has for the past few of weeks. Unfortunately, they did not have it on stock anymore when they were packing my order. I was really sad and was so disappointed that I got to a point where I told Ron, "Sorry if I'm being materialistic, I just really wanted that bag." On the bright side, Topshop offered me expedited shipping for my next order. :)

Topman Goods:
Chino Pants. We got this in navy and gray but Ron already put the navy one in the laundry basket so let's just skip it. We ordered size 32L because they were out of 32R. When the pants arrived in the mail, Ron fell in love with the cuffed bottom of the pants. We always skip those when we're at the mall because we thought it's not Ron's style. Clearly, we were wrong. It is indeed his style and they look good with his Jordans.

Meggings. Don't worry, Ron won't be wearing this in public. Probably under his snowpants if we ever go snowboarding or under his jeans when we go somewhere cold. Let's say, Seattle...which is happening in 5 weeks! So excited!!!


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  1. I like browsing TopShop but I can never justify shopping in there. I guess when they imported everything to Canada, they converted the British Pounds into Canadian so everyyyyyyyyyything is ridiculously expensive - like a casual small purse will cost $200+ while a similar one in H&M is only $25. Average clothing item in TopShop is about $100 here.