When Ron's Home

Hope you're having a great weekend with loved ones! Here's what goes on in our house during weekends where we don't have anything planned. :)
Fox gets an additional person to cuddle with after his morning walk.
We have coffee together. Thanks to my friend, N for introducing us to this! So goood!
I make especially yummy dinners. If you do not do this yet, adding a tablespoon of butter on top of a steak with your favorite spices makes it taste better.
Then he Instagrams it.
We I eat snacks from the Philippines together. These are biscuit sticks with a type of shortbread inside.


  1. Kopiko is bomb! If you're lucky try to find White Coffee by Luwak. It's from indonesia but they sometimes they have it at the asian markets!

  2. Hey! When are you coming to Vancouver? Depending on the weather I suggest going to either Stanley Park or Granville Island. :)


  3. Awwww Fox is SO cute! I want to steal him <3 xx

  4. I love lazy weekends like that, where there is nothing to do but relax!
    Your pooch is adorable!

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

  5. Your weekends sound absolutely perfect! I had no idea about steak - I will have to try it :)


  6. Found your blog via the blog hop! :)
    That steak looks amazing! I never even thought about putting butter on steak before. (Of course, I'm not the one that cooks. My boyfriend is in charge of that!) I'll have to be sure to put a bit of butter on next time! thanks for the tip! :)

    The Girly Gamer