Flowers for Me

I am a huge flower person. I grew up very close to my grandma who always had two vases of fresh flowers almost every two weeks in her house. I didn't receive flowers from my ex either so that probably played the part too. Hahaha! Ron picked this up from the beginning though. He knows I love flowers big time so from time to time, he gets me a bouquet or two. Here are few pictures from the last bouquet I received from the loverboy. :)



  1. sweet that he buys you flowers so often! I love having fresh flowers in the house but sadly my cats love to eat no flowers for me :P

  2. Those flowers are beautiful. I am a huge flower person too.

  3. Im a big flower person as well. My Mum use to pick fresh flowers from the garden and put a little vase in the bathroom and in my bedroom. So sweet :)

  4. Aww, so sweet of him! I've only got flowers from my boyfriend couple times during our 2 ½ years together.. But I guess there's the plus side that it feels more special then. :)

    Thank you for the recent comments dear xx

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