Dog Park First-Timers

We have been very protective of Fox and have never brought him to a dog park. He's been to doggie day camp so many times though whenever we have a busy day running errands. Yesterday, after getting home from church, eating lunch and a spontaneous trip to Seafood City, we decided to take him the dog park. I don't know what got to me but Fox was sooo happy and hyper when we got home that I wanted to see him run freely.

We got cold feet when we got there because Fox is not the most behaved dog in the world--he's a huge barker. However, we know how important socialization is for dogs so armed with treats and poop bags, we braved the other side of the fence. Haha! There was very minimal growling at first but it turned into little whining sounds when he realized he is there for playtime and no dogs are going to attack him.

This nice Yorkie was the first one to say hi to our little guy.
I started running with Fox and when the other dogs saw us run, they all chased our little pooch.
Those are his ears showing distress but his butt is about to snap off from too much happy wagging.
So happy!
He chased this ball, ignored it then ran to us.
His turn to chase other dogs.
My boys. <3 #FrameWorthy


  1. Awww this is such a sweet post, he really seems to have enjoyed himself thoroughly. I enjoyed reading your thoughts on my last post, thank you!

  2. So cute!! Looks like he had fun!
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  3. Oh my gosh, your dog is so cute!! It looks like you guys had a blast at the dog park!

  4. Aww look at that sweet puppy, looks like he had tons of fun :) I used to go to the dog park a lot before we moved. Now, I'm just taking Kyra (my sweet poodle) for walks with me because we don't have a dog park near our apartment, I'm sure she misses running free and playing with other dogs.
    You pictures are lovely!!
    Xo, Elba @