What Makes A Friend Burnout?

Oh hey, look! I found this gem of a post that I wrote back in September, 2013! Well, enjoy the 4 months younger me. :)

Growing up, I was never the one that my friends would run to when they have problems. I'd be the one they'd call when they're bored and need someone to tell them jokes and stories and cheer them up. I'm also the one who would choose to stay away from the source of the drama especially when I am starting to get dragged in the situation. So when friendship related drama is right in front of me, it's always a fight or flight situation. As a young person who needs to vocalize everything I needed to let out, would always fight, try to get everything fixed, smooth everything out.

Then I became an adult. Still the one who's there to listen when people need to let stuff out of their systems. Friend A talks about Friend B while Friend B talks about Friend A. This thing becomes a cycle and I start to do the same thing myself (ya know what they say, you are who you hangout with). During this time, my ears burst with stories after stories after stories than do not involve me but I am somewhat involved now because I know both sides and am now in the middle. My mouth dries up from saying my own piece. Do you know how that feels like? To know things you don't necessarily have to know about and to talk about how tired you are of hearing the same thing? It makes you feel powerful but at the same time, lost. What do you do with all these explanations? Does it do you any good? Then I started to question what people say about me, my boyfriend (at the time) and my family. In the end, I chose to be in the company of people I think I can trust. Closing the door to all possible sources of drama and headache. You may say I have low EQ, I say I would just like my world to be happy, bright and drama-free.

I don't know why I thought of this today. Maybe as a reminder to keep my guard up or maybe it's my subconscious telling me I need to socialize more. Either way, my guards will remain up and know that I'm lucky that I have my husband, my family and my closest friends to vent out to and tell me if I'm being silly or too serious.

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  1. love this. so beautiful :)


  2. I've gotten bad "friend burnout" in the past too. Sometimes you have to take a step back from people if they contribute more negative things than positive things to the relationship.

  3. i am all for NO DRAMA! i have one friend in particular that is all drama. everything that comes out of her mouth just seems like gossip and it's not even her business. come on, we're not in high school anymore :)

  4. hey there Jan how are you doing. i relate to this post of yours. some years back i realised how much some people are resonating their dramatic life vibe into mine and i decided to withdraw myself from that. but you know when people gain some, they lose some. i got rid of the dramas but i did feel a bit less social. but it was more of a good riddance, so i got more to gain than to lose. i think we'll both be okay :)

  5. This is definitely how I've been feeling lately- that quote is spot on! All we need are a few close people in our lives.