All White Shopping

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When I tweeted about shopping on Tuesday, I was serious. I mean, an additional 50% off items that are already on sale? Yes please! I haven't gotten them yet so I'm not sure yet if I'm returning anything but I've checked the reviews of course! For some reason, I was looking for a lot of white clothes. I'm still trying to figure out why but I have a thing for white clothes right now. It may be that I'm going back to neutral colors in my wardrobe so if that job comes my way, I have a wardrobe that's ready to go.

I did not plan on buying anything but this shopping impulse may be affected by my decision to pay for quality over quantity. Gap has a good reputation on quality so I said yes to their products. So there, I bought three tops...

While shopping, I also found items that I "saved for later" in my Piperlime cart and noticed that everything is white too. I think I picked these because I was supposed to order one for our White Christmas Party. Good thing I did not buy anything because not everyone wore a white top at the party. Boo!


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