Beauty Talk: I Used to Not Like Wearing Foundation

The first time I had foundation put on my face, it was horrible. It was at my dad's sister's wedding. On her wedding day, she hired these make up artists who I assume only bought foundation that would fit people with fair skin. I guess because in the Philippines, one of the most annoying things people there want is to get fair skin. I know, I don't get it either.

So, the guy (yes, it was a guy) started putting the foundation on my face, saying it looked perfect. To be honest, I was not happy because my face was waaaay whiter than my neck. I mean really? It was someone's wedding so I let it pass.

By the time I saw the pictures, I was so sure, I would never wear foundation again. EVER.

But then my girl, Y and I went to the women's conference in 2012 where we lined up for a free mini makeover at Benefit where the lady put foundation on me and when I got home, Ron was staring at my face while telling me how good it looks. He says he still prefers me without make up though. So that was my second encounter and it was a good one.

Third was on our wedding day and I HAD to wear foundation or else I will not look as good as I did in the pictures. LOL Since the place I got my face done that day got good reviews and it was in fact already 2012 and there had been a lot of innovation in the beauty industry, I was less worried about looking cakey on my wedding day. Also, I told the lady who put make up on me that I am terrified of wearing foundation because I had a bad experience. She was super nice and made sure to test the products on my jawline and showing it to me before she proceeded.
After this, I was convinced, I want need want/need my own foundation for when we or I go to parties.  So now it's been over a year and I still do not have my own bottle of liquid foundation and I need help. What brand do you guys use? I'm definitely not going to wear it everyday so I'd rather stick with more economical brands (aka pharmacy brands) than expensive ones because I hate seeing things go to waste. Also, I'm a tightwad. LOL

I have tried Benefit's Toasted Beige and it looked really good on my face. Also, it was very light and did not irritate my skin - which is good because I get rashes very easily. But it's $36 a bottle. For a girl who doesn't wear makeup everyday, I think it's too much.  Are there any good pharmacy brands out there?


  1. I don't wear makeup often either! When I do wear, I use Loreal True Match Lumi! Though if you do breakout easily and already know the Benefit one won't irritate you, it might be worth the investment!

  2. I don't wear liquid foundation because I feel like it looks extremely "cake-y" and I don't have the time to carefully blend in. However, for little spots that I need concealing and my powder doesn't cover well, I use the L'oreal true match super blendable make-up. Otherwise, I'll use my Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Powder on an almost daily basis.