A Break from Chores

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Technically, everyday is for me to do chores but ever since the holiday season started (which starts REALLY early in our home), my mood became all about the holidays that I did not care about anything else that does not involve the holidays. I know, so bad! But things are getting better!

I'm doing lots of chores today. Like, a lot. My I spent two hours this morning running errands. Now I'm on the bed, resting while the whites get done from the dryer. Oh and after that I need to vacuum our bedroom. Hopefully, I have time to organize my closet before it's time to prepare dinner!

Also, I have been working on bettering my makeup collection so I've made two trips to Ulta in the past week. One was on New Year's Eve morning with one of my girls and her baby-slash-my goddaughter. Another was with Ron - he went to the Best Buy in the same shopping center while I walked to Ulta and wander off.

So far, I've gotten two tubes of liquid foundation, three eyeshadow palettes, a bottle of volumizing shampoo, a bottle of makeup remove and a new makeup brush. Seriously, that true glow sonic I received for review came in very handy!

Anyway, gotta go fold clothes!

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