My Current Online Shopping Go Tos

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I have been window shopping online since last night and and while I'm proud that I have not spent over a hundred on my post holiday shopping (because you know, I'm a star bargain shopper LOL), I'm a little ashamed that I keep wanting to buy stuff when I know that I already have enough as it is. But back to my point, since my mood lately has been "I'd rather be home than anything else," I have been spending a few hours in front of my Ron's laptop, browsing sales, closing tabs, checking out other sales, and so on. My current favorites are,,, and Although I'm not going to post about anything I want from VS, because they sell mostly lingerie, here are some of the things I've been eyeing on.

Pros: Free shipping and returns. There is always a good bargain. You have almost unlimited choices.
Cons: There's too many to choose from. Haha!
Nordstrom Cart

Nordstrom Cart by janmiguel
I saw the MK bangle at Nordstrom last week and I almost went crazy and bought it. LOL But I'm just not one who will buy stuff in full price especially when I know that things like it go on sale after a couple of months. Now about the bangle, it's pretty, edgy and classy that I can see myself wearing it all the time. 

Pros: Promo codes from time to time. 25% off one item, code: 6428 and free shipping: 1341.
Cons: They (for the most part) charge for shipping.
H&M Cart

H&M Cart by janmiguel 
As you may have noticed, I am in deep wanting and needing of black pants. I realized this when I just kept wanting to wear my winter leggings all the time (also because I gained tummy fat LOL). 

Pros: Free shipping and returns. No sales tax. Wide variety.
Cons: Styles can get weird. Delivery takes one to two weeks.
Topshop Cart

Topshop Cart by janmiguel 
I don't wear a lot of whites but when I do get one, I wear it a lot. I was just thinking, maybe I need another one or two white tops. Maybe. 

Alright, lunch time. :)


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