Random Shopping at TJ Maxx

Okay people, I could not sleep so excuse my off timed post.

After our dinner yesterday (technically since it's 2:14am as I'm typing this), Ron and I went to TJ Maxx to burn some calories. I walked around the store and found a lot of things that I liked including two Michael Kors Hamilton bags and a cream colored Dooney and Burke bag. I did not buy any of them because...well, I don't need them.

Random Shopping

1) My next stop always is the pets section where we (finally) got Fox a collapsible travel cup. We really need it because we always just end up asking for a small cup of water that we ourselves accidentally spill in the restaurant's patio and the dog ends up licking water off the ground and that means there's a chance that Fox will lick the floor and we have to ask for more water. #lazy
2) The home section is my favorite part of the store because I'm starting a project in our house and I'm in search of frames. I found one that we both liked so I picked that up. I also got drawer organizers because to be honest with you, our drawers in the bathroom are a mess! From hair ties, product samples, random bracelets, they've both just transformed into junk drawers.

3) On our way to the register, I stopped by the beauty stuff that are on clearance and found Essie nail polish for $3. I did not want to pass that up so I got one too in the Downtown Brown shade.

When the restaurant is slow in seating people, take selfies, eaves drop and watch the aquarium's janitor fish.


  1. Hi Jan, how was your festive season? Hope you had a great start to the new year. Thats a lovely photo! Love the nail shade and the organizers are so useful. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on my last post. Happy Weekend!

  2. Drawer organizers are a godsend!!! My drawers turn into holes of no return without them.

  3. wow, i need to learn from you, lady. i am impulsive when it comes to bags and shoes. but i love what you eded up buying! and at such valuable prices too


  4. wow! essie nailpolish for 3 dlls! lucky you!



  5. drawer organizers are the best! I have tons and tons of those!

  6. Nothing beats a few random finds. When I'm not looking for something is usually when I have the best luck!

    xoxo Jackie
    Something About That

  7. The Essie polish I have on right now is from TJ MAxx!!