Happy Birthday, Mom!

My mom is the most unconventional mom in the world. I thought how she handled us was normal like how every mom in the world raise their kids. Little did I know, she is the coolest mom ever. Our friends would always rave about how our mom is super cool. When I got a little older and actually listened to my friends, I realized that she did let me have my first drink. How cool is that (for a teenage kid)?

We celebrated her birthday yesterday and had brunch at the Odyssey with the family. It was a great champagne-fueled time except for the super hot weather! O_o I was going to write something nice for her on here but we already wrote a special note for her with all our wishes and how much we love her. <3 

Reading our little notes for her.

Everyone, except for Ron. He was the photographer.

Because she said she didnt have a jewelry box, we got her this.

Mom and Kev: What's this?
Mom: Do I open it here?

Mom and Kev: Ooooh! A huge cellphone?! Hahaha