A Little Support for My Mom, Pretty Please?

My mom joined this thing/contest and I would love for you guys to vote for/favorite her. It's super simple, just click on the little heart under her name and info and that's it! You can also refresh and re-vote but I think that's one thing her daughters and "super fans" should be doing for her. LOL

Here's the link to her entry: http://specials.people.com/realbeauty/?id=60598

I took the screen shot yesterday after I remembered that she asked me to vote for her. I posted the link asking for votes on my Facebook since, now she has SO MANY likes! :)

Thanks again!


  1. Your mum is a natural beauty! Already voted for her. Hope she wins it!

  2. Your mom looks beautiful. I hope she wins. Heading over to vote for her now.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  3. Hello sweetie. Do you want to follow each other?