Once a Bargain Shopper, Always a Bargain Shopper

Since this year started, I haven't had that I-want-to-shop-and-no-one-can-stop-me mood until last Saturday. Although I can't say I want to do it again next week because I honestly do not, I sure missed the feeling! Having a very supportive husband (sorry I need to say this every time I talk about shopping but I really love it that Ron loves to shop) helped too. My haul wasn't super big or expensive. As you guys know, I'm not into expensive stuff because I am not the most careful person when I eat, and I am aware that every trend fades. ;) Also, I need to ask myself a bunch of questions before I buy something:

  • Do you have that I-cannot-wait-to-wear-this feeling?/Does it fit in my wardwobe? When I try something on, I make sure that after seeing how it fits on me,  I have that said feeling, and that I can already see myself wearing it with the other things in my closet. If I tell myself "I can wear this when I go to [insert some event/part that has not been planned yet]," then it's a no go. I've learned not to buy stuff because they're cheap the hard way. Buy it because you need it.
  • How's the quality? I've tried on some items that fit good on me but when I hug myself, I hear some stitches rip, and because I was in denial, I tried on a bigger size. Guess what. Even if it was loose on me, I still heard some ripping while I was unbuttoning it. That's when I checked the stitches, and they were no good. 
  • How often will I wear it? A $25 top that has good quality that I will only wear once or a $12 top that has decent quality that I know I will wear and last for at least 3 times? The latter will always win. Always.
  • Which top will I get rid of if I buy this top? I have never been so serious about the "one in, one out" rule in my life. I've de-clutterd my closet of things that I have not worn in so long and clothes that I don't think I will wear anymore. I will be honest, it was a hard process at first but it became so much fun for me. I love getting rid of that extra closet rod to double up on the space in my closet! 
  • Can I actually afford it? If I'm using my credit card because I don't have the money YET but I know that it'll just pile up on my debt, I will (now) just won't buy it. I shouldn't even be shopping, to be honest with you. I've learned this the hard way. Like they say, don't buy anything with the money you do not have. If you're debt free, and have the money in your account but are using your credit card to earn points --- that's a different story and I bet you guys know where I'm going with this. [On a side note, did you know Capital One has this thing called Quicksilver where you get 1.5% cashback for ALL purchases?)
  • Now for the hardest question: Do I need it? If the answer is yes, I'll get it. If I answer myself with a no, then it's a no go. It's all been yeses for me lately though because I need to wear "nicer" clothes to work as opposed to the very casual outfits I wore at the place I used to work at. Also, Ron and I have been good about this lately and I love it. 

Luckily, the answer to all of these questions were positive so I was able to get quite a few items! :)
H&M Chambray Top: $25 $15
Forever 21 earrings set: $3.80 $2.66
FashionQ Geometric Print Dress: $10.99
FashionQ Coral Tank Top: $5.99
Black D'orsay (from FashionQ): $13.99
Qupid Black Pointed Flats (from FashionQ): $13.99
And now of course, this post won't be complete without the inevitable photobomb by Fox...


  1. Im a self proclaimed bargain queen! I love to shop and head straight for the sales racks, I even know what racks they stock clothes on before they put them onto the sales racks at some of my favourite stores like ValleyGirl and Temp (not sure if you have those over there). Theres nothing that gets me madder than paying full price ($35 big ones) for a dress I had to have only to find it marked down to $15 the following week! Once a bargain queen always a bargain queen :)

  2. I love bargains!!! I don't know how people can easily fork over the full price when there's something cheaper and similar to it. I mean, unless I REALLY love it, yes, I'll pay the amount but I can never justify paying $30 for a top. Most of my tops are $15 and under and have lasted me for years while my friends are paying $30-40 for a same styled shirt than they ended up tossing it away.

  3. I love sales. You find some awesome deals.