Things I Learned from My First Yard Sale

My friends and I sold our preloved stuff at a yard sale last Saturday and I did not expect it to be that way. I thought it would be like you know, you walk to this place and people would be nice to your clothes, not messing them up and stuff. But NO. It was Walking Dead status. We have not even finished setting up our stuff and people were already digging through our bags of clothes.

Nonetheless, I think it was successful! Considering that my phone alarm did not go off, and we were late, and that I woke up at exactly 7:00am and still had to drive to our friends'. Oh well, at least we made it in time for the beginning of the yard sale! :)

So what did I actually learn from this experience?
Post about your yard sale online. Facebook groups, Craigslist, GarageSaleFinderGSALR...those sites. Or better yet, Google "garage sale listings."

Eat breakfast. Because breakfast. ;)

Have cash, preferably singles, ready. ATMs only dispenses cash in $20 increments meaning so be prepared to give people who do not have the exact amount change. Thank God for Ron for saying yes when I asked him if he could please withdraw money for this purpose. :)

Wake up and set up early! Like I said, my alarm did not go off and we were late. My friend kind of start late too and when she opened their garage door, people were already parked outside of their house waiting for them to set up. When she brought out her stuff, people WANTED to open the bags themselves but she asked them not to and to wait for her. They listened...I think and when they got the go ahead, they rummaged through all her stuff. When Ron and I got there, almost all the bags were emptied out and were all spread on the floor. So what happened when Ron put down the first two bags? They went through them. So me labeling the bags: $2, $3, $4 and $5 became pointless and I found it hilarious.

Forget sentimental value. You have not worn that dress in a year so it's essentially not doing anything good to you so SELL IT.

Prepare to sell your things for really cheap prices. Almost dirt cheap! As I've said, I had a plan. I though I had everything figured out when it came to pricing. Little did I know, I knew just a little above nothing on yard sales. People buy stuff in bulk, ask for a REALLY GOOD discount and walks away happy. Every time people ask for a discount, I just tell myself: I was going to donate them anyway, at least I'm earning something. BETTER THAN NOTHING.

Have a pen, paper and calculator ready. You never know when you'll be needing them!

Watch your earnings. I had a crossbody bag on me the whole time because I was scared to lose the money I was earning. LOL

If you have anything else in mind that I missed, please feel free to comment! :)

The day was not only for the yard sale though, a lot more things happened actually...
-Our many trips to the dog park finally paid off. It did not only boost Fox's confidence in regards to interacting with other dogs but it also boosted our confidence in him that he will socialize well with other dogs even without our supervision. He got along so well with our friend's dog, JR...except for the few times when I heard him cry a bit. The kids said they were trying to scratch each other. 
-After so long, we finally saw our friends again!!!
Classic Filipino style eating!
-Our lunch was the best! Our friends are such great company. They, without fail, make us laugh our lungs out every time. It's insane how many times you can hear the same joke or punchline but be able to laugh as if it's the first time you're hearing it. I love them! Wish we were complete though ;)
-My goddaughter I were best friends that day. ;) She loves me, but for some reason, he doesn't like Ron. It used to be the other way around when she was smaller! Oh Laen... <3

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  1. great tips. I do a lot of online yard sell.

  2. Oh these are great tips!! Thank you so much for sharing!