A Special Wednesday

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Hi Loveyboy,

It's Monday today and I'm so nervous for your upcoming birthday. I am telling myself that this is because of the coffee but we both know that every time your birthday rolls around, I get anxiety for no apparent reason. LOL But this post is not about me - it's all about you so let me get started...

First of all, like always, I'd like to thank you for existing and being the most perfect person to spend my life with. You are so patient with me, even if it means dealing with how picky I am about everything at times. Thanks for trying to make me smile everyday as well. You have no idea how much it means to me every time we are not together, to know that I have you to make me smile. Thanks too for dancing with me at the most random places, and at home even if there is no music but the melodies our hearts are playing in sync. Please know that I will always be here for you, no matter what. Even if I get so busy, you should know that thinking of what you can eat for dinner is always in my brain's to do list. ;)

So it's Tuesday now and I'm still writing this. The last 24 hours was insane, and I know that you realized that as soon as 7pm struck on Monday and I was not home yet. All the time I was not home yesterday, I was already thinking of how I can make it up to you and to be honest, I could not think of anything but to cuddle with you. And that's what I did. Thanks for making dinner for me, I loved the gesture and of course, what you prepared.

It's the night of your birthday now, and we are currently watching Property Brothers. Our obsession with these HGTV shows really needs to be put to good use soon. Haha! I guess this is the part where I tell you my wishes for you. So here goes... Like everyone says, I wish you all the best life could offer you. I wish that you continue to be blessed with people who inspire you. May you be in such great health forever (seriously though, you're the only person who gets a one-day flu!!!). Last but not the least, may your wishes come true and plans pull through.
All my love,

PS, I promise to make sure that you get a chance to eat as much lobster as you'd like again [like you did in the picture ;)]!

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