Influenster Uni VoxBox


I swear, I took my time with these products. Apparently, going to school really does affect your free time. LOL So here's what I got...

Pilot Acroball
You know when they say don't drop your pen so it doesn't blot? I guess in the shipping process, the box got shaken and dropped that the ball of the pen I got was not turning evenly. Boo. I loved that the tip wasn't thick, and that even if it was blotting it still wrote smoothly.

Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation in Sand
I love this foundation even if the first time I tried it, it was one shade too light. It was smooth, light, and did not oxidize on my skin. So when I took the survey, and saw the shades, I knew it was for this foundation and could not wait to get the shade I want need! I don't normally put on foundation but I'm sure this one is going to be my to-go one if I ever feel the need to have a smoother face--which has been a problem for me lately because of the ever-changing weather here in LA!

NYC Expert Last Lip Color in Forever Fuchsia
I've never tried their lipstick before. So the shade I got is pretty intimidating. It's BRIGHT.  I'm very tan so I always look at things of this shade as early warning devices. I tried it and was not a fan at first. I kept it on to see if I'll like it and will not be surprised by how my bright my lips are. Turns out, I liked it on me...just not sure about wearing it out just yet!

Impress Manicure in Control Freak
I've used this brand before and LOVED it. Its been a while though so I'm excited to have a new set! They're super easy to put on and lasts as long as normal nail polish. I could have asked for a "quieter" shade but it's okay, I'll still wear them because I love pink!

Red Rose Tea Water Enhancer (Instavideo here)
I thought this product was interesting. I am not a fan, and don't really buy products similar to this one but I'm glad I got this and finally got to try it. The darkness of the concentrated liquid got me a bit concerned, and got me thinking what in the world are the chemicals in this thing (scroll down for a picture). It tasted normal and I'd use my sample again but like I said, I don't but products like this because I'd rather drink water.

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.