Foodie Adventures: Fahrenheit LA Pizza

Number one thing I liked about this place is that they are friendly. Of course, I would love that thing about them. Second is that they were not kidding when they said "wood-fired."I watched one of their crew members stick the wood into their "portable" brick oven and put our pizza in there. The pizza is also made fresh! Yep, saw them make it in their little kiosk at the night market.

We got the Carnivore pizza for $9. It has red sauce, mozarella, peperoni, sausage, bacon, red onion and oregano. The pizza had a thin crust (my fave!) and had the perfect amount of toppings on it. Hopefully, the good quality of their food stays consistent.

My favorite part of the pizza? The CHEESE.

Here's the link to the restaurant's website:


  1. That pizza is the epitome of food porn. Literally drooling from my computer screen. Ahhhhhh

    Cathy // helllo, Cathy