How Having a Dog Changed Me

Sometimes I think of what we used to do when we didn't have Fox yet, and I could not even remember how it was. Having Fox definitely changed me so much that I feel like I'm a better person than I was a year ago.

Let's start with picking up poop doesn't bother me anymore. If you had asked me and Ron a year ago who will be picking up our future dog's poop, I would definitely tell you that Ron would. Poop disgusts me but I've had exceptions like, changing my nephew's soiled nappy because I had no choice but to do it. My grandma helped me though. Dogs are way easier than that! You pick up, you wipe and you're done. They're not as fussy as babies either. LOL

Sleeping in only happens when Ron does not have to go to work. I get up everyday, as soon as Ron leaves for work to walk Fox because if I do not, this dog will sit on me, and breathe on my face. Our walks are always fun and relaxing, it's also good to be able to put in 15-30 minutes of cardio right after waking up.

It made me feel like I need to be in control more. Our plans always involve leaving our friends at around 6:30 pm to be home early enough to feed and walk the dog and I, my friends, am the time keeper.

I don't feel lonely as much as I would have being unemployed and alone at home. This dog keeps me on my toes. Having someone to check on at home other than myself or the laundry definitely does not make me feel alone.

I always have a reason to smile and be happy. Fox's face is always so serious that it's funny. Even when he's excited, his face is serious. His ears move A LOT too making him look like he listens to you. Oh, and the head tilt. It always, always gets me.


  1. aww Foxy is too cute. I miss have my dog. I had to leave her back in the states with my in laws.

  2. Having a dog is awesome isnt it, they give such unconditional love. Iv had my rescue dog just over a year now and she always puts a smile on my face even when Im in a terrible grumpy mood. Its those eyes, so loyal and loving :)

  3. Fox is soooo cute, I love seeing his pictures when I come on your blog! I adopted my dog about 2-3 years ago and I can't imagine life without her (or a dog for that matter). Even though my dog acts like a little brat sometimes, I still love her to death and my heart melts everytime I come home to see her running towards me and jumping up and down!