Happy Friday! Whether you have awesome plans for the weekend or not...I'd like to wish you a productive one. Why? Because I need someone to wish that for me. I have to finish a novel by Tuesday, and also start studying for my final exams. Luckily, I don't have to take my final exam for my other class because I have enough points to get an A already. :)

Anyway, my point today is to talk about kimonos. These almost sheer piece of clothing especially when you need something to spice up your plain old boring outfit.

I have three kimonos so far, one round black, one black with white polka dots and one gray that has a thicker fabric and is perfect for transitioning in between colder and warmer temps...which hasn't really happened here in LA for the past year. I have room in my closet for more, however, two words: budget constraints. LOL! Seriously though, I have been trying not to go into Cotton On because I have been eying one of their kimonos (not the on below!).

red | peach | white | navy
Sometimes I wish we had more money, then I think about how materialistic I could get, then back away from the I just think of clothes and window shop online. My nights always include visiting my "flavor of the week" online store, adding tons of things in my cart, then shutting down my computer. So much fun, I tell ya! :p

Oh! Oh! Ron surprised me with a purse last weekend. I gotta share this story in my next post! I swear, my husband can be way too sweet sometimes! <3


  1. Good luck on your exams. Can't wait to her your purse story. I hope you have a great weekend.

  2. Ate Jan, try IG online shops! I bought 8 good quality kimonos online, 75% off the price. Hahaha

  3. kimonos are like my thing right now. I got 3, all floral but black based. It's so comfy, esp I get cold easily, so the kimonos make a good light cover when I get the chills!