Birthday [Dog] Boy

This was what our Memorial Day was about, this little dog celebrating his first year with us, which is also the birthdate we picked for him because nobody knows when he was born. We got him when he was two so today is his third birthday! If Fox could read, I would have written a letter for him, but he doesn't, so I'll just share pictures? :)

We went to one of his favorite places, the Eisenhower Memorial Park and met up with my cousin and their little [dog] girl, Tashi, and my SFV girls. Fox never gets along with dogs right away so it was no surprise that he was barking like crazy at Tashi pretty much the whole time. Tashi almost did not react to Fox's attitude, except for a few times that Fox got scared of Tashi's playful ways and I guess the girl dog had to answer back. Haha! I don't know if it's a bad thing, but I found Fox's lack of sportsmanship hilarious. They still managed to play though, and the only other thing they had in common was their incessant love for human food!
You guys all know who this is, right?
This is Tashi, the most gentle dog I have ever met! <3
Ron teaching Tashi to leave treats alone until he says "go." See that thing on her paw? That's the treat. ;)
My husband is kind of a big deal to these two. I guess he's the trainer-slash-treat dispenser at the moment. Haha!
So that's how our Monday went. Of course, we also made time to say a little prayer to our fallen heroes as well as their loved ones who they left behind.


  1. Fox!!! I can't get enough of his photos!
    Happy birthday, Fox!

    I did the same thing when I adopted my bunny. I just knew she was 4 months old but I gave her birthday as the day I adopted her, Dec. 19th.

  2. Happy birthday, Fox! Love that you gave him a birthday party.