Long Break

It's been (relatively) way too long since I last posted and to anyone if there ever is a person who checked my blog and there was nothing new, I am so sorry. Life was so busy, but fortunately, I made time to catch up and remind myself what is important...family will always be my number one. It's a loooong story but I am happy to say that I've lessened the weight I on my shoulders and I am a much happier person now. I had one foot inside the unhappy place's door but thank God for his guidance and everyone who encouraged me to get on the track that will make me happier, I am here where I am supposed to be...I think. ;)

On anoter note, I would like to wish everyone a happy long weekend. And please remember: we are supposed to think of our fallen heroes. #sayalittleprayer 


  1. glad to hear you are in a happier place.

  2. Hello there, its good to see you back on the blog and I hope you have worked things out xx