The lack of time I am able to spend with my little family has stayed the same in last week. With that said, staying at home for two days because I was sick has never sounded so good to me. I was back on my feet by Saturday and we spent the day with Ron's parents and nephew.

Sunday was a great family day for us. We got to go to our weekly morning trip to the park and went shopping with Fox for a bit. Ron and I also got to spend a little alone time as I went to Starbucks to fix my super cold coffee craving while he left to play basketball. As any abnormal couple would, we met up afterwards to go grocery shopping. Haha!

Sorry of the formatting and the pictures in this post look terrible, I am posting from the blogger app on my phone, which we all know is not the best way to update your blog with. 

Wishing you all a happy week! 


  1. Hope everything is going well and you get more free time soon. The pup looks adorable.