Stay With Me

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The fact that I am blogging while studying should give you an idea how tired my brain is right now. I still don't understand why my professor would opt to give the class a cumulative final exam. I am trying to make sense of it strictly from a student's perspective and I just could not.

I am done reviewing but I am afraid of sleeping because that means I would have less hours before I have to take the exam...which seems scary. I also need to go through everything at least 2 more times before I can say I am ready.But then again, it's past 4am and I have to get up at 8am and walk the dog. Maybe Ron would take over tomorrow. I have to ask him.

Change topic: I have been obsessed with Sam Smith's Stay with Me and Sara Bareilles' I Choose You. They don't exactly apply to my life but hey, they're great songs. Give 'em a listen. ;)

Change topic again: I have been tweeting more than ever so come tweet with me: @janmiguel

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