Last year, one of my friends went camping with friends to celebrate her birthday. Ron and I enjoyed so much that we decided to go camping for my birthday. Although a few people backed out, I'd still say it's quite a success, and with that, here are some pictures. :)

We got to the campsite at around 5pm. Ron and our two friends were too busy unpacking, setting up, and other things I would rather have them do so I took advantage of my 5-minute alone time and took a few pictures. Of course that would not have been possible if my mom was not taking care of the little doggy. :) My sister, her fiance and a couple of our other friends arrived later that night. :)

I was woken up by a little dog staring at me and trying to give me doggy kisses--it's safe to say that it worked. Three of our friends got to the site that morning, finally making the group complete! We all hiked to the beach and did our own stuff there; surf, stare, sit, talk, and take pictures.
Quiet growling.
Beach first-timer.
I love this picture. Too bad Ryan and I are not in it...he was surfing and I was [well] taking the picture.

To all my friends, who came through, THANK YOU SO MUCH! I really appreciate you guys making it. :)


  1. awww that looks like fun!!! Where did you camp? Happy Birthday!

  2. I used to camp all of the time when I was younger. It looks like you had a lot of fun. Happy Birthday!