This Morning Shall Never Happen Again

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Ever. I am over it, really, but I need to note that it actually happened.

I started playing with the dog while still trying to go back to sleep. While giving Fox a belly rub, both of us will keep on falling asleep until he realizes I've stopped rubbing his tummy so he'll paw my hand.

I was wide awake playing with the dog, pretending to be the monster under the blanket.

I go up, got ready to walk the dog.

Ron tells me he starts work at 9am today. He tells me this on the ONLY day I did not ask him what time he's leaving for work. Hehe!

I ran down stairs and prepared Ron's lunch.

I'm done preparing Ron's breakfast and lunch, I've eaten breakfast as well. So Fox and I are off to our morning walk.

8:40am [This is the part I cannot believe happened, by the way.]
Fox and I get home, I looked for the house keys in my pocket, and I only found the garage key and my car key. It was a true FML moment. I called Ron and of course, he came to my rescue.

Ron dropped off the keys while Fox was desperately trying to get in Ron's car. LOL

I got in the shower...FINALLY!

I was on my way to work.

May tomorrow be a better day.

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  1. I did the same thing a couple weeks ago but I had no phone or anything one me. Lucky the lady that leave under me was home and able to let me in the building. I was taking the trash out when this happen.

    I hope today is a better day for you.