I am Afraid of Store Brand Products

Last night, in between bothering Ron and playing with Fox, I decided to check my email. As it turns out, my boss is asking me to take today off so I can help her with staging a home all day on Monday. Of course I don't mind that. I mean, a Friday off? Yes please! I later realized that my dog is going to have dental prophylaxis today. This means that his teeth is going to get cleaned, which also means he needs to be at the pet hospital for most of the day--8:30am to around 4:30pm to be specific.

So now that all my chores are pretty much done (except for laundry because I need a reason to stay at home on Sunday), and I have also done my errands, what's left to do is rest and cuddle with the dog. But then again, the dog is out so here I am blogging my time away.

My point is, I miss my dog.

My next point is, which is the actual point of this post is that I don't like buying store brand products because they have a reputation of not being as good as branded ones. However, in my Economics class, I learned that those Costco, Target and Walmart pay the same manufacturers that make branded items. With that insight, and the strict budget constraint that I'm putting myself into, I decided to try out Walmart's Equate Cocoa Butter Conditioning Body Lotion. To be honest though, I saw an open bottle at the store so I sniffed and tried it. As it turns out, it is very much alike my favorite Vaseline Total Moisture Cocoa Radiant Lotion.

I compared the ingredients and the only thing missing is: Dihydroxypropyl Trimonium Chloride. And no, I cannot pronounce nor spell it. I copied and pasted that. ;)

The texture's almost the same too. I noticed that Equate's is a little more runny but if you've used Vaseline, you'll know that that lotion is extra creamy but not as creamy as Jergens.

I'm really excited to try this product and I will most definitely update this post and let you guys know how it works on my skin!


  1. Sounds like a great product... I hope your day with Fox went well.
    Cool post.

    Lots of Love,


  2. I also learned a long time ago that the store brand products are the same without the name brand label. When I shop at Target I usually look for the Target brand item of the name brand item I want with a few exceptions. There are sometimes minor differences, but not enough to make me pay extra for the name brand. Plus at Target with the cartwheel app the Target brand items usually have an extra 5% off. More money in my pocket!