The Morning I Made Ebeskivers

I love making Christmas breakfast. However, last year, it was just Ron, my mom and I, so we did not have a breakfast feast. My mom and I also slept in so yeah, the big breakfast did not happen. We planned it though, that's why I bought this pan a week before Christmas but ended up not using until one summer morning when I woke up with no hangover (I say that because it was the morning after hanging out with my cousins). That was the morning when I made Ebeskivers.

Eberlskivers are traditional Danish pancakes which unlike our regular pancakes, are the in a spherical shape. They are as yummy but you can eat it with your hands! ;)

We also had mangoes at home, so to incorporate something that Ron loves (because he's not a huge fan of pancakes), I sliced one up and prepared it.

 For this recipe, I used Krusteaz Light and Fluffy (our favorite kind) because I was not in the mood to measure and mix pancakes from scratch. LOL! I prepared the pan by buttering it, poured a tablespoon of batter and plopped a tablespoon of sliced mangoes.

 When the bottom is cooked and starts looking like it has a thing crispy crust, turn it over and wait until the color evens out. :)

If you'd like to try this but you need a pan, here are a few options where you can buy one:


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  2. Before this post I didn't know what an Ebeskiver was, but they look scrumptious! I love pancakes and breakfast food in general, so I'm sure I'd like them. Thanks for sharing!

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