What's Your Kind of Music?

Guys, we got a record player. Finally, we have our own record player. I was and still am beyond happy that Ron didn't mind that we get this little piece of entertainment system.

I think one of the things that I have not talked about in this blog is my love for music. I never felt like talking about it, because I was programmed since I was a kid to have some kind of love for almost all kinds of music and that made me think that being a music-lover is normal.

I grew up listening to Frank Sinatra, the Platters, Nat King Cole and the like. My grandpa and I would always tune his stereo to his favorite station that plays all his music. When CDs became "in," my mom got my grandpa a CD of the The Platters' greatest hits and I did not even realize until I was tired of singing that I sang along all the songs in the entire album like a little kid singing along nursery rhymes.

Mom also exposed me to all sorts of music. Jazz is her favorite. She never drank coffee so the picture is not as typical as in the movies but at anytime of day that she is home, you can find her in front of or next to her stereo, staring at nothing and just listening. It was nice to look at but I always had to ask her something to break her peace. LOL

My sisters also played a huge part as they're the main people I look up to and I feel the need to like everything they liked. Although now that we are older, we have our own preferences, we still ask each other what each other listens to...or maybe that's just me and sister #2.

So with this new toy, I have rekindled my love for music from my younger years. Ron and I both agreed that they are more poetic and romantic than the songs that are being played on the radio, and that playing songs through a record player gives you a warm fuzzy feeling inside.



  1. I would love to have a record player. It is such a great addition to a home.

  2. Me likey!! I agree with that warm fuzzy feels!!

  3. yay for getting a record player. Have a great weekend

  4. My dad recently bought a record player and pulled out this huuge big box of records. Most of them were The Undertones so there's been a lot of their stuff blaring in my house recently hahaha! There's something so much nicer about using a record player than a cd player or an ipod dock, isn't there?