Obsessed with Black Booties

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You know those days when you just want to stay in bed and only worry about the next pair of shoes you’re going to buy? I’ve been putting a shit ton of fall and winter items in my carts but never buy any because I live in LA, where summer is hell and winter is summer. I love cold weather and everything about it. Rain, snow and the gloom are my jam. Sunshine is pretty but overcast makes me happier.

And because the weather is in its bipolar mood again and I work in a freezer (please take that figuratively and know that I enjoy freezing myself), I have been searching for the perfect black booties and it’s proving to be a long process. Today at work, I found myself browsing through the shoes at this one online bargain site based in Asia and found these stylish and affordable boots. I am leaning towards the snake skin one but I love the height of the one with a buckle. #HELP