I Like Dog Parks and I Cannot Lie

With the vet's clearance, we finally were able to take the two dogs to the dog park last weekend. It was our first time for us taking two dogs there and I would say it was some really good family time.

Fox (per usual), barked, ran, barked, barked, barked, and ran. He's such a barker to appear tough but always runs to Ron or me when he's scared. He'll fight some of his battles but he's the type who feels much safer with his humans.

Chippy, on the other hand, forgot he had humans. When Ron unleashed him, he ran straight to another dog to play. He is such a sweetheart to everyone, except for that one dog who tried to hump him and that pissed him off. They fought, but the owner was understanding and just carried his dog (1 of 3 dogs) the rest of the time. Based on our walks, I thought Chippy was scared/mad at bigger dogs, however, after this trip, the dog he ran with the most is a komondor/chow mix (see big brown/tan dog in pics) and he had no trouble dealing with her.

I already cannot wait to go back. <3


  1. nothing better than a place where all dogs can play together!! cutest!

    xo welltraveledwife.com

  2. Aw I love going to the dog park too! Unfortunately my dogs are snobs and somehow don't really like playing with strangers' dogs! It makes me mad but I think that just means I have to take them more often.

  3. We just got our pups and I cant wait to take him to the dog park either! 3 more weeks then he will be able to go!! then he can run off his energy!!

  4. Yay for being able to go to the dog park again.