Victoria's Secret Sport VoxBox

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I have not worked out in SO LONG and I took this VoxBox as a sign. *embarrassed laugh*

When the box came, I was so ecstatic that I left my in-laws and husband in the living room to try the top and bottom on. They both felt comfy at that time. My thought was: so this is how it feels like to wear expensive workout clothes. If you frequent my blog, you'll know that I am a very practical bargain shopper and that I don't like spending too much on things. Of course, buying something from Lululemon or Lorna Jane has crossed my mind but fitness it not exactly my priority in the past few months. This voxbox is a huge factor that triggered me to workout again.

Sorry guys, I won't show you pictures of me in them. They fit really well but my body is not ready to show off things like this. Haha!

It's been a while since I have worn a sports bra so after trying on the VS one, I tried on my other ones from Adidas and C9 then put on the VS again. I felt restricted. It was like it was pulling my body to stand up straight (FYI, I slouch A LOT) and I was not a fan of it. I did the jump test and the VS sports bra passed with flying's very supportive. Another thing that I noticed is that the pads are not removable. They feel too thick for me, especially the part of the strap between the boobs and your the shoulders, it had padding that I don't think is necessary. Anyway, I get it, many are not fans of nipples sticking out but their sports bra but VS's sports bra's material felt like the material used for wetsuits, It was too thick. On the brighter side, I have worn this on jogs and runs and it truly promises support -- no worrying about shaking boobs.

Now the pants...the only bad thing I can say is that the pocket is too little. I could not fit anything in it. I ended up just putting my phone between the waistband and my body when I walked the bosses dogs wearing them. Ron says it makes my legs look super long which I really like and it felt like it was holding everything in. I gained a lot of weight since I lost it a year and a half ago so I need something that controls the jelly belly jiggle.

All in all, I like this VoxBox. I love that I also got to share my coupons with some of my friends. Will I buy these items on my own? The bra, no but the pants, yes. :)

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  1. I total agree with you a the pocket on the pants. Congrats on getting this box.