More on Chippy :)

Let's start this week with something really good and talk about our new dog...

He was originally named Howie by the shelter staff because he looks like a hyena-- okay, you can laugh because it's true! :) He has so many spots and has a huge spot on the top of his head, it’s hilarious! His story is a sad one though, he was rescued from the streets of Duarte, CA by a high school student. She was on her way home when he saw him and despite being covered in ticks, she picked him up and took him home. A day later or two later, he was taken to the San Gabriel Valley Humane Society---how do I know this much detail? The girl who found him saw us walking Howie (and Fox) at our city's Farmer's Market a couple of weeks ago. No joke. I got chills and got the feels when she said, "I found him," and pointed at our new little doggie. We had a great conversation with her and I think she can rest well at night now knowing that the family who adopted Howie loves him.

We went through so many names. I came up with a lot that we rejected. But as I was holding Mr. New Dog at that time on my lap (on our way to PetSmart for his first bath with us), while Fox was busy chewing on his new cow ear, we came up with Chippy and loved it!

Going home from work and school just got better and our lives just got a little bit more sunshine. 



  1. chippy is such a cute name. All my dog have been adopted or given to me.

  2. Oh my goshhhhhhh.... I love him!! Both dogs look like they get along really well :) So cute

  3. Chippy is an adorable name! I think you're lucky to have an adopted dog that adapts to a new name!

  4. Chippy is soooooooooooo cute!!! I'm glad that Fox & Chippy are getting along well!!!

  5. Chippy is so stinkin cute!!! I love his little spotted face and I think the name totally suits him!