September in Instagram

This month was pretty damn good. Now let me count the ways…
  • The weather was not pleasant but views like this random street in Glendora makes me like living in LA a bit. This was taken on our way home from our favorite Cajun place, Stinkin’ Crawfish.
  • It’s been over 21 days so I guess I won’t jinx myself anymore when I tell you guys that I’m back to living a healthy lifestyle and it’s working. My goal is to not get skinny but just shed a few pounds so my clothes don’t go to waste. LOL
  • I got into quotes and I have been on Tumblr more.  That site has a lot of personally inspirational shit stuff.
  • From the 4th picture onwards, I think it’s fitting to declare this month our own personal Dog Month. This picture was taken when we were about to leave to check out dogs at the shelter...and guess what, it was also the day we found Chippy!
  • We adopted Chippy and it’s been a challenging but really fulfilling task to learn how to juggle your time between two little monsters.
  • I have been trying to walk with Ron and the dogs in the morning to get a little cardio in and to spend time with Ron. Our morning conversations are very interesting.
  • Spent a few hours of the first day of fall at a photo shoot, playing with the office dog.
  • I have been wishing for a more relaxed weekend and finally got it on the last week of September.
So how did your month go? :)


  1. Awww the puppies are so adorable! I need a relaxing weekend too!

    Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  2. Congrats on getting healthier. I been trying to do the same. I can go month and then fall of the wagon.

  3. Adorable family <3