Our Busy Life Just Got Busier!

I am a busy person, in my opinion. I have Ron and a dog. I have three classes this semester, 2 of which I go to school for 3 nights a week, and I am now working full-time. I am the homemaker for the most part and I am also making time to be more fit now meaning, I make time to work out in the morning. Ron is pretty busy too. A full-time job, he's also doing some self-study, he works out 4 days a week after work, he plays basketball at least once a week and has been helping more around the house (I know, he's awesome). On top of that, he has me and Fox. Now, you know what we thought would be a great addition to our already busy life?

Another dog.

Yep, we got another one. He is the other apple of our eyes and he's a perfect addition to our little family. I am not going to say it has been easy because emotionally and mentally, it has not been the best feeling leaving the house with two little creatures already waiting for me to come back. I know I’ll get through it like I did when Fox was brand new but this feeling makes me anxious and waaaay too excited to come home. I mean, THE best part of my day just got better. And seeing our new little dog’s crooked tail wagging hard and Fox’s bright eyes all happy to see me makes the stress worth it!

Ron and I always tell our friends that Fox is the best stress reliever. Now that we have two, I can't imagine coming home to a quiet and peaceful home. LOL! I’ll write more about the new dog in another post but for now, I’m just happy to finally be able to let the news out to the interwebs because we’re done surprising our families!


  1. congrats on getting another dog. I bet Fox enjoy having someone to play with. I hope you have a great week.

  2. Aww a new little pup. Congrats.