Holiday Wish List Idea

I have been spoiling myself as of late. In my mind, I have never had a normal job for so long that I need to make myself feel that I can again get what I want for myself. I am also in the process of breaking away for everything trendy and rebuilding my closet to what I feel comfortable wearing. I think I have had enough with buying statement tops and now aim to make every top a blank canvas. Yay for changes!

So back to my point. The holidays are here and for the first time ever, I don't have a loooong list and I really know what I want. Everything else I want, I have decided to get for myself which I think is fair that now, I am employed. So here goes.

  • My love for taking pictures is pretty intense right now and the moment I found out about the new lens Canon is releasing, I got super excited. It's gotten great reviews too!
  • Skagen Ditte is a good replacement for DW watches. You get the same vibe for a (much) lower price. 
  • Do I really have to explain why I love Sam Smith's album? #EARGASM
  • I don't think I could go through another cold season without a parka. But I heard from a little (beautiful) birdie that she already ordered this for me. :D

What's in your wishlist for the Holidays?


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    1. I love him too! Everyone was so confused why I know the song he just released right away and I told them I listen to him all the time in my car. I really hope I get it and if not, well, I'll get it for myself. Haha! And thank you!

  2. Parkas are everything during cold winters! Love your list :)

    Aniqa Dreams

    1. I can't wait to get mine, one more month! Hahaha! :) Thanks!