The Laughing Project

Lately, in my attempts to not go on a full-blown anxiety attack, my mantra has been: Don't let it get to you.

I've always believed that being positive starts within you and that it is your responsibility to share that positivity in any way you can. With this always in mind, I have become that person who smiles at strangers, bums, old people and tells people who work at the register, "Don't work too hard!" I may have gotten that line from my husband who now hates it when I beat him to saying it.

Anyway, while I was on my blog search spree at work (if you want to be on our list, you know where and how to reach me), I found Hello Miss Jordan and read her post about #TheLaughingProject. The post made me happy and I thought it was wonderful that she wanted everyone to get on in it. The post is heartfelt and honest that I just had to join her project. Here's a bit from her post:
The Laughing Project is simple; spread your laughter. You know how when you're with a group of friends and then one person starts laughing at something? By the end of it, you're all in hysterics, even if the thing they were originally laughing at wasn't that funny to you. That's kind of what this is all about. 
To take part, all you have to is share your happiness and laughter, using the hashtag #thelaughingproject through your blogs, Twitter or Instagram.

There are three ways to take part:
  • Upload a photo of your beautiful laughing face. It can be as recent or as old as you like.
  • Tell the story of the funniest thing that's ever happened to you that made you laugh (it can be related to the photo if you want but it doesn't have to be).
  • Say about something which you have done to spread laughter or happiness recently (< I think this is the most important!)
So let me share my favorite laughing face of myself. Ever...

This was taken after my bout with a gastrointestinal infection when I was about one year old. I believe no one remembers why I was laughing but I feel like this is as genuine as laughing can get. In case you're wondering, I still throw my head back when I laugh only I have learned to cover my mouth with both hands. :)

Now it's your turn! Tweet or Instagram what have you done to spread happiness! Don't forget to add #TheLaughingProject in your caption! :)


  1. I just love the idea. Uploading my happy face is such a nice thing to do!
    Thanks for this post!

    I can rock any outfits, come follow my online diary

  2. What a wonderful post! You are the most adorable little one! You are completely right, don't let it get to you!! Always stay positive! Thank you so much for such a beautiful contribution!!! <3 <3 xx

    1. Thank you! I really loved your idea and I wish more people can find out about it! <3