Blogging Tips

I have been blogging for a decade now.  I have had blogs on xanga, livejournal, multiply, wordpress and multiple blogspot ones. Despite the jumps from one platform to another, I am happy that I've found where I want to be and I also think I've found my voice and the line between what is shareable on the blog and what I shall keep for conversations with friends and family.

With all that said, I am here to share something about blogging basics. If I had quick tips I could give someone about blogging, this would be the list.

Check your grammar.
I am what my friends call a grammar nazi...although sometimes, I wish they didn't call me that because I really do not like that second term in the label. Typos I think are fine--I don't really mind those because I am also known to be a typo queen in my chat conversations with my friends. But mixing up there, their and they're, and your and you're is NOT a typo so get it right.

Be social.
I have been getting into sharing my stuff on Google Plus, re-tweeting people's tweets about their blog posts and the like. I don't expect them to reciprocate at all but it proves that people read what you wrote and it shows that it's not about the views, it's about knowing that at least one person likes your post.

Use acceptable pictures.
You don't have to have an expensive camera to have great pictures but unless you're REALLY trying to prove a point, those dark grainy pictures are not welcome in the interwebs. Also, when taking a picture, always think of focus, lighting and composition. Maybe I'll go more into this in the future. :)

Be yourself.
Our society is unconsciously obsessed with being accepted by everyone. Just keep being the best version of yourself.

What do you have to share for the blog world's newcomers? :)

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  1. I totally agree with checking grammar. I really hate it when people get it wrong! Defo agree with being yourself as well! x
    Maria's Adventures

  2. Great tips! I am a grammar nazi too I can spot a missing full stop or a double space from a mile away! Proof read a zillion times before hitting the publish button :)

  3. These are great tips for new blogger. Be social is a big one. I would also add join link ups to help make new friends and help your blog get out there.

  4. Yes, the grammar is so important. As a seasoned blogger even I mess up from time to time. There's always a missed mispelt word that got away!lol I agree about being oneself too, important. Try to give good content I would add. And yes, sharing, that's key to meeting others and exposure for yourself.