How to Wear Gold Shoes Casually

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Visiting the Urban Light Exhibit at LACMA has become a yearly thing for me and Ron since our second anniversary. So glad that this time, we finally remembered to bring our SLR and got to take pictures. His Our cousin Rommel being there to take pictures was a huge plus! There's always a lot of people here so if you're coming, be armed with patience for people who will unconsciously bomb your photos with random parts of their bodies. Like in one of our photos, a girl was doing a vertical split against one of the lamp poles. Pretty impressive stuff!

I'm wearing my Old Navy penny loafers that I found in the store's clearance rack for less than $10. I knew it would be hard to convince my husband that it's a good buy but I think after a few outfits wearing 'em, Ron warmed up to the idea that gold shoes are not as loud as people think. It's not just for the gutsy and the power fashion bloggers, it's for everyone! It's like how I felt with my leopard print loafers (which are about to retire)--at first I was unsure but I still wore it and made it work anyway. :)

These pictures were taken the same night as the pictures in yesterday's post.

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  1. My Husband is the same way about my statement shoe. You look super pretty.