Last Sunday + Doggie Rescue Story

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On mother's day this year, we did our annual thing of the gang coming over to our place. My sister and I prepared lunch (peacefully) while the rest cuddled with Fox (because Chippy was at the vet's office) and watched a Filipino rom-com. It was also my first time seeing my soon-to-be sister-in-law's brother because he's back from his military training and my mom's new dog (who was also at the vet's office). And yes, you did not read that wrong, my mom got herself a dog. :) But first, here is my mom looking gorgeous, as always...

Dress: Eccoci
Here's a backstory: last week, my mom was taking a break outside of her office when she saw a little fluffy dog running across the street. She tried to call the dog over and to everyone's surprise, the dog stopped, crossed the street, and submitted to her as if the dog was asking for a belly rub. Mom called me right away asking what she needs to do next since she called the number on the dog's tag and the owner was not picking up. The now ex-owner called my mom later on and said that she does not want the dog anymore. Of course, our entire family is all for mom keeping the dog. We also have ourselves convinced that mom and the dog are meant to be for each other. :)

All week last week, we've been joking about how the dog is our mother's day gift to our mom but I think it's the universe's gift to her for caring about us too much. Maybe it's time for her to get one of the things she's been wanting for the longest time. It's also the universe's way of telling her that you can't always get what you want. I say this because mom loves big dogs with dark coats. :p

Unfortunately, the newbie in the family seems to not like the boy dogs and/or being sniffed by them. She's probably still adjusting and just wants everyone to lay off of her. ;)

Here is Chippy slowly and gently making his way to the new girl so he could kiss/lick her face. Chippy loooves giving doggie kisses to Fox so we were assuming that's what he wants to do to the new girl...but she was not having it. LOL

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