Making a Statement

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#statementnecklace because nobody ever said you can't wear an intricate necklace with a plaid shirt.
I love making a statement, whether it be through my outfits, political statements (you know, I'm all about equality) or encouraging the world to be a little kinder because Ellen Degeneres asked us to (I really wish you get this reference). Because of that, I love wearing my principles on my sleeve. This is why I try to find a spot in my things that I can sneak in a little statement. My binder, laptop, car and even my phone case help me make a statement. I am a sucker for super cute phone cases too...especially the ones that lets me express what I believe in. They're also really great conversation starters. No need for the fake-ish small talk with these phone cases, it's just enough to hold a decent conversation (or argument).

It really felt like I hit the jackpot when Taylor from reached out to me and offered to send samples. How can a girl who has no control of shopping impulse and loves stuff that start conversations say no? Here are the three cases I got from Ankit.

Ankit Phone Cases

They seriously have so many cute things that I did not know what I really wanted so I sent Taylor a list of the phone cases I loved and let her choose for me. From the looks of what I got, Taylor is spot on. Two equality-related phone cases and one gold glitter impact proof phone case later, I am a happy, giddy girl hooked on Ankit's super cute phone cases.

You see, to me, just like what you wear, your phone case says a lot about you. I mean...just by looking at my sisters' and my phone case, you will learn so much about how different we are from each other. :) Do you agree?

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