How to Rock Menswear During Summer

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Shirt: local boutique (similar). Tank: Q (similar). Jeans: Cotton On. Sandals: Target (old). Bag: Madewell.
Necklace and earrings: Rocksbox (click here to get a free month or use code JANBFF21, c/o). Phone case: Ankit (c/o). 
My Fourth Rocksbox! :) (click here to get a free month or use code JANBFF21, c/o).
We've been having really weird weather here in LA with perfect summer days and perfectly cool nights so I thought it was the perfect time to break out the shirt that I caught Ron putting in the donation pile during one of our spring cleaning days. Glad I caught him because I really love the details of the shirt. It also goes great with a lot of my clothes, so yay!

If you haven't heard/seen (on Instagram) yet, my brother-in-law just arrived in the states the other night and because he is that brother I never had, Ron and I went to their place to [surprise] welcome him. It felt weird in a really good way that we were all together because that was the first time that I had all my siblings and siblings-in-law at arms reach, literally.

And last but not the least, today is my niece's 8th birthday. I am beyond happy that I finally got the chance to hangout and have a lot of tickle fights with her because it's about time that she actually has memories with me (and Ron). She was an infant when I left the Philippines and both times that I went back, she was too young to remember anything. She is the sweetest little girl in the world and I will never get tired of her spontaneous hugs and witty (unintentional) punch lines. Anyway, I'd like to wish her a happy birthday and I hope you enjoy your surprise celebration at my favorite amusement park.

PS, I really hope that my sister reads this to her. LOL :)
PPS, Our family is all about surprising.

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