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Dress: Showinbuy. Bag: Express (similar). Sneakers: Keds Pro

If the Spice Girls were still THE female group of the pop world, this shirt would be something I could see Sporty Spice aka Mel C. wearing with her platform slip-ons. Those days are over though so it's my turn to put my own spin to the easy T-shirt dress. This tee is from and you have no idea how excited I was when I found it on their site because I've been looking for the perfect t-shirt dress! It's so easy and you can wear them with a pair of sneakers or slip-ons. The dress I'm wearing is super comfy, and was the perfect big tee. It looks redder in the picture but the color is actually perfectly burgundy--not too dark and not too bright, which means you can wear it from spring to fall! :)

Last Sunday, my sister, nephew and niece made the big move to the US. My brother-in-law is coming soon and our family has never been happier and has not been this complete since 2006. We spent my sister and godkids' first day here in the US with relatives and it reminded me of the time when our family would gather every Sunday at my grandpa and grandma's to spend the day together. I was so tired when we went home later that day to prepare for another work week but it was all worth it. Can't wait to see them again on Friday. :D

Also, am I the only one bothered that it's July already and that means we are officially halfway through the year! Woooo!

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