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Tee: Zara. Jeans: Urban Outfitters. Slip-ons: Target. Hat: Urban Outfitters.

Finally felt worthy to wear this tee that I got from the Zara summer sale because I've watched Jurassic World. That movie kept me at the edge of my seat! In some parts of the movie, I catch myself holding tight on to Ron's forearm. Even though there were a lot of things that they could have improved in the plot of movie, I loved it because it was able to suck me into watching it...which is pretty rare these days considering I have the attention span of a goldfish.

Anywaaay, we went to the beach last weekend and had a great time. I think I might be buying a body board for myself and for Ron after trying it and enjoying with my nephew. I'll share portraits and candids remind myself about how I love taking pictures of people. ;)

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