Coats to Love

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Fall Basic Coats: Tan. Olive Green. Black.
Fall Details: Burgundy. Navy. Patterned.

Aside from the perfect coffee and baking weather, pretty trees and being able to wear booties, another thing I love about fall is that I can layer up. That's something I take as a luxury here in LA. Fortunately though, I can feel it's finally cooling down as I am able to wear a hoodie when I walk the dogs in the morning now. Dressing up for work is another story--usually, when I walk the dogs, it's a liiittle chilly but right when I walk out the house to get in the car, it gets warm. Because of this, I always have to bring an unworn layer because the temperature in the office is usually at least 15 degrees lower than what it is outside. I'm not complaining though, I prefer cold than hot temps. What kind of weather would you rather have?

Anyway, I can't wait until I can rock the [literal] just-got-out-of-bed look on weekend mornings and walk the dogs in pjs, a hoodie and my good ol' trusty Uggs. LOL For now, I shall settle on wearing shorts, a hoodie and running shoes.

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